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  • Account suspension and reactivation procedures
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Procedure for emergency user account suspension:

  1. Security pushes suspension button in xdcdb-admin at
    1. (once our newest changes are deployed) This UI will also send notifications to the user and PI
  2. Security disables kerberos principal (or creates ticket requesting disabling kerberos disabled)

  3. Security sends ticket requesting disabling portal account (disabling kerberos will disable primary portal login, but won’t disable other authentication mechanisms)

  4. Security documents suspension at

As part of step 1, XRAS/XACCT will automatically:

  • Remove XRAS admin permissions from user

  • Send Notification to PI and user

  • Send “emergency suspension” AMIE packet*

  • Remove any existing coPI/AM roles

  • Prevent person from being added to further projects or having roles on projects

  • Refuse posts of any new requests for suspended person

* The new API-based AMIE protocol will support the emergency suspension packet. Older AMIE systems will receive a "user inactivate" packet. It might be worth security following up with the SPs to ensure that the user has been deactivated at the site.

Procedure for emergency user account reactivation:

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