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We have developed and continue to support the Galaxy genomics analysis system (Goecks et al. 2010). The main public Galaxy analysis website currently supports tens of thousands of genomics researchers performing hundreds of thousands of analysis jobs every month. Galaxy's positive impact on biomedical research is felt in two areas. First, Galaxy enables biomedical researchers to perform complex compute-intensive analyses with nothing to install and configure. Second, it allows tool developers to deploy their analysis applications without the need to design interfaces and maintain compute-infrastructure. Both of these are profoundly felt. In 2017 there were at least 1300 papers utilizing Galaxy (Over 6,000 publications since the project began). Making XSEDE resources available through the main Galaxy instance not only increases the number of users whose science can be supported, but the unique capabilities of XSEDE resources also increase the types of analyses than can be offered. This allocation supports a significant number of Galaxy users, and enables science that could not be accomplished otherwise by making access to highly parallel (e.g. Stampede 2), highly flexible (e.g. Jetstream), and high-memory (e.g. Bridges) resources available to biological researchers.

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