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  • Abstract: Scaling beyond the Imry-Ma length in the $3D$ Random Field $XY$ Model, Y1
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This will be an extension of my earlier work on the random field XY model to a weaker strength of the random field and in preparation for work on L times L times L lattices of size L= 256.  Because the Imry-Ma length increases as the random-field strength decreases, the use of larger lattices is essential for the study of weaker random fields.  Studying L= 256 lattices in a reasonable time is not possible unless a better method of achieving parallelized Monte Carlo calculations can be made to work on Bridges-2.  I am hoping that, with the help of PSC staff members, I will be able to modify my existing Monte Carlo procedure so that it will run 32 cores in parallel on Bridges-2 in an efficient way.

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