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  • Abstract: RNAMake Science Gateway: a public resource for the design and analysis of RNA 3D structure for custom nanomachines, Y1
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Biological nanotechnology promises to create custom nanomachines to revolutionize the engineering of materials, catalysts, biomedical diagnostics, and therapeutics. Recent years have seen rapid progress in RNA nanotechnology, inspired by natural RNA machines that can sense molecules, carry out complex computations, and recruit proteins and other molecules. Although there have been significant advances in computer-assisted tools to aid in the development of new RNA nanostructures and machines, these improvements have yet to reach the wider scientific community. We seek to develop, implement and deploy a comprehensive science gateway for the design and optimization of RNA nanostructures powered by RNAMake. This gateway will be user-friendly and open to the general scientific community.

RNAMake is a single thread process, requiring less than 2GB of memory per job. Each job has a configurable length, and all of the results are gathered after processing has been completed.

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