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  • Abstract: GISandbox: A Science Gateway for Geospatial Computing
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Science gateways provide easy access to domain-specific tools and data. The field of Geographic Information Science and Systems (GIS) uses myriad tools and datasets, which raises challenges in designing a science gateway to meet users’ diverse research and teaching needs. The GISandbox is a new science gateway that is designed meet the needs of researchers and educators leveraging geospatial computing, which is situated at the nexus of computational science and GIS. The GISandbox is built on JupyterLabs to create an easy, open, and flexible platform for geospatial computing. JupyterLabs fully supports Jupyter Notebooks, which are a widely used interactive computing environment running in the browser that integrates live code, narrative, equations and images. We extend the JupyterLab platform to enable users to run interactive notebooks on the cloud resource Jetstream or non-interactive, computationally-intensive notebooks on Bridges or Comet. A novel Job Management platform allows the user to easily submit a Jupyter Notebook for batch execution on Bridges or Comet, monitor the SLURM job, and retrieve output files. GISandbox Virtual Machines are created in Jetstream’s Atmosphere interface and then deployed and configured using a series of Ansible scripts, which allow us to create an easily reproducible and scalable system. We request a modest allocation to continue running GISandbox as we transition from prototype to production this year.

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