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  • Abstract: Expanding the SimVascular Supercomputing Gateway for Research, Y1
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This request is to expand the capabilities of the SimVascular Supercomputing Gateway to support research projects. SimVascular is an NSF-supported open-source software that simulates blood flow in patient-specific vascular anatomies under physiological conditions. It is utilized in research labs and university classrooms around the world to study the cardiovascular system for both research and education. Applications include analyzing mechanisms of cardiovascular disease, design and optimization of medical devices, and virtual surgery. Currently, the gateway is configured to mainly support educational use of SimVascular, with a modest number of hours that is mostly utilized for end-of-term projects for courses in computational cardiovascular engineering. In this proposal, we aim to test and develop the gateway with students and researchers from our nine collaborating labs so that we can collect usage data, implement security and quality of life tools, develop extensive documentation, and add additional features such as a way for users to track their gateway usage and additional solvers for different applications. After collecting data and developing features from this proposal, we would like to open this gateway to our general user base of 4000+ unique users from around the world to support their research projects.

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