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  • Abstract: Data Investigation and Sharing Environment for Big Weather Web, Y2
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During the six-month renewal period, PIs Fovell and Capehart will continue to work with Big Weather Web (BWW) project datasets stored on Wrangler in order to further BWW research projects.

Furthermore, we plan to continue work on serving both the Big Weather Web data archive and a sample of global reanalysis data using object store. We will be comparing read-performance from object-stored data in Zarr format with that of NetCDF4/HDF5 format. We will also be comparing performance when data is requested from object store, versus that of data being served from our THREDDS server currently deployed on Jetstream.

Additionally, we request that ECSS support, that was granted at the end of 2018, be extended as well. We plan to leverage this support in order to work with Andrea Zonca of SDSC in deploying Jupyterhub instances via Kubernetes on Jetstream.

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