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  • Abstract: DISSCO, a Digital Instrument for Sound Synthesis and Composition, Y3
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DISSCO is being continuously developed and new features have been added since we started work on the optimized, parallel version of the code. These new features have to be incorporated now in the SDSC code before continuing work. We also intend to expand DISSCO as part of the "Composition as an Evolving Entity" project. In summary, this project consist of uninterrupted computations of the same work, continuously producing a large number of related variants. The process is directed through the use of Information Theory and Kolmogorov Complexity and by modifying the tree structure on which the composition part of DISSCO is based: starting with a small number of vertices, growing their number and pruning the tree. This way, the composition will become an Artificial Life (A-Life) entity.
Part of the new code has been already tested at the University of Illinois on desktop computers but the project requires large amounts of computations performed in as close as possible to real time, the time of listening to a variant. These demands could be satisfied only by an HPC cluster and the coding effort requires ECSS expertise.

Prerequisites: Experience with C++; some background with MPI, client-server programming or signal processing is preferred but not required.

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