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  • Abstract: Coding and Publishing Environments for Digital Studies Instruction, Y1
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Across colleges at UT Austin, with a hub in the College of Liberal Arts, instructors are increasingly offering digital methods instruction for humanities data analysis. Students can count credits in this area towards a certificate (at the undergraduate level) or a portfolio (at the graduate level) in Digital Studies. In the Department of English alone, courses in which Python and/or R are taught and used are now taught with sufficient frequency (at least one per semester) that the installation of a dedicated server environment for use in these courses is would seem advisable. We are requesting this allocation in order to set up instances of (1) RStudio Server Pro, (2) Rstudio Connect, and (3) PyHub. Four faculty members in English and Rhetoric will regularly be using these resources with their classes: Tanya Clement, Scott Graham, Casey Boyle, and Lars Hinrichs. Students should be able to house and work on projects in these environments and also publish deliverables such as html content and shiny apps in the RStudio Connect environment.

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