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  • 20220614- Status of XSEDE spend down of project funds
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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items:

All sub-award partners have updated their spend plan, except one. Once the last sub-award partner send in their plan we can finalize XSEDE Spend Plan. We're at 1.2M leftover, which is .92% (less than 1%).

Q: Cost for IHPCSS23? Support student participation for PEARC23, how much do we support this year? $300K? 

Do we want to support students for SC23?

Bob: Hi John, I think you all got the general gist of what I was saying and Kelly is picking up where I left off. Basically asking for support in any way you can for PEARC22/23.

Kelly: what Bob is saying is that the student program at PEARC is running short of funds - making an appeal to send money to them? Not sure we can. PEARC22 for sure, and maybe PEARC23 as well. Are we allowed to be supporters of this fund? Participant Support funds can be used. You can send students to the conference, may be able to cover travel, registration for students, but can't send money to the program. 

Linda: to be safe, the idea is considering SC is a good thing, so not waiting until July next year. There's also Tapia, Grace Hopper, and ... this year.

John: certainly. Things that happened in the last few weeks where partners were de-obligating their funding because of their forecasted underspent.

Shava: ACCESS asked if XSEDE can operate 7-8 services past August until ACCESS ready with the infrastructure?

John: Open to consider this. Do we have people to do this? They may be going to other projects. Shava thinks she may be able to find the people. However, Victor is not so optimistic about this. There are complications on the services at individual sites, if we have people familiar with the services, i.e. Jetstream1. 

John: willing to entertain such request but need a formal request so I can respond. Which services, how long, how many FTEs needed? Also need approvals from all the other SPs. We have the money and can support a smooth transition when we can. ACCESS requests that come here will come from appropriate XSEDE staff. Shava said just started the requirements gathering. 

Lizanne: we are committed to do evaluation. if we have funding for IHPCSS23 and PEARC23 that would be good. 

John: Requests to run something for another 6 months will be looked at carefully. Victor: would like to this type of requests 

John: connect with ACCESS EC about (options with limitations) possible requests so if they can submit a formal request. Any other things that you can identify to spend the funding? 

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