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Action Items:

Due Date

Build out milestones QMA-521 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Build out milestones with April 30 completion


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • There is variation in how things are being cast–need to get more consistent.
  • They're organized by our org structure. Those outside don't care. May want to bend in a different way.
  • How we interact with those outside the project vs. inside project
  • How to present as a set of LL, BKP that isn't tied to org structure. Some things cross areas–present once and talk about how it impacted project in various ways. 
  • Try to have a pithy statement, couple sentences that explain. Short bullet list people can quickly scan and read more as they wish. They'll scan for things that effect them. Going to need to recast some of these in this way.
  • A lot of things we learned, we found ways to address many. Found some that we didn't find ways to address
    • We know it's important to have mechanism to reallocate funds–whether PIF process was the best way or not. 
    • Having V/M/G is very important–process you use to develop those is less important. 
  • Need to think about how we'll bring them together. 
    • What are bins things go through... Which are related...
  • Figuring out whether to cast as LL or BKP. NSF will want to know what we learned. We can embed recommendations to NSF as well. 
    • making sure we have V/M/G–this can be a recommendation. NSF or any funding agency needs to have these capabilities & accommodate this in their budget for effective large distributed project. 
  • people and relationships are worthy of investment. 
  • Need trust to work in an agile way. need to take the time to develop that trust. Should be able to trust that they're doing the right thing. 
  • Trust is very important in an org like this. Helps culture. No amount of money will make this happen in a short amount of time. 
  • Projects like XSEDE funded as infrastructure. Short term investments don't allow for long term successes. Set goals at 10 year horizon in XSEDE1. Have to plan for that or you won't get where you need to go. Important that we did that 
  • Need to make them more crisp, make sure there is a pithy statement, collect into a common doc and John ( ? )  will need to go through it. 
  • Trying to get through this as soon as possible and then do a final review in Aug/Sept. but have most of it there. 
    • End of April is target for completion. 
    • Build out some milestones
  • Don't think anything is too trivial–we can at least put it out there and talk about it. 
  • Want to make it so another project can look at this and learn from it. 
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