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  • 20220309- Draft PgO Lessons learned for final report
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Action Items:

Due Date

Strategic Planning Input QMA-522 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Need more input from John re. strategic planning that happened earlier in the project

Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Why were we successful overall? Tried to distill down to a few things. 
    • Agile in internal processes and technical processes
  • PIF process proved harder than we thought it would–dynamically putting funds elsewhere. 
    • Having the process in place made the redistribution process here at the end so much easier
    • A large complex project has to develop this capability. Whether what we did worked well or not... we had to establish the process is a LL
  • ER
    • writing–having the L2 reviews of science stories was effective
    • having tools to better understand reach, what people are engaging with vs not
    • ability to get writers at some of the smaller institutions–feel we might miss stories. 
    • Add "brand" to theme language
  • Communications person embedded in all L2 areas–could have captured things as they happened both for reporting, stories, etc. Capture things they hear at meetings. 
    • Good idea, but an expensive idea. 
    • Someone who would understand what resonates with various audiences.
  • SP&E
    • Need more input from John re. strategic planning. 
    • KPIs–need to be allowed to fail or people will low-ball them. They reflect & can influence direction but are not a measure of success. Indicator. 
    • Balance of process across the org–where too much/too little. Just enough/not too much. Hard spot to find. 
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