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  • 20220308- XSEDE End Game Reporting including metrics, planning work for IPR19
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KPI targets for carryover period QMA-515 - Getting issue details... STATUS

See below spreadsheet for KPI targets for carryover period May 1-July 31 2022

Action Items:

Due Date
Metrics analysis for final report QMA-516 - Getting issue details... STATUS All L2 areas should bring to June QM a list of metrics they want to have analysis on for final reportL2sJune 2022

Content for science highlights book

QMA-517 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Dina and John to talk about contents of final Science Highlights books

March 2022

Choosing stories for science highlights

QMA-518 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Any L2 with important story to tell should let Dina know so it can be considered


March 2022
XAB member engagement QMA-519 - Getting issue details... STATUS Ask XAB members why they were as engaged as they wereMarch 2022

Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Final report end game doc:
  • Want to do some analysis of metrics over time. Don't need to do all KPIs–selected metrics
    • Need to report the data, but only do trend analysis on things that are really important for people to know, interesting stories (both positive and negative/challenges).
    • Put everything in appendix, but put in front things that are interesting.
    • If you need help, identify that early/by June QM as eval team is very busy in the summer. 
    • Extensive appendix with metrics reported on annual basis. 
    • Metrics analysis can be started now so not rushing to do it at the end. 
    • Figure out which ones you want to do analysis on soon. 
  • Lessons learned will be included in IPR19 in Sept & released as a separate tech report
  • Most of team released after Sept. Eval team continues analysis for final report. Final report to be released by Aug 2023
  • Need to tell our story in various ways
  • Challenges we should talk about. Things we ran into, couldn't solve the problem so had to deal with it...  Important for NSF and community to know these things. 
  • Various things completed and released at various times, but final report will include IPR19 as an appendix. Ok to include things we already submit. Will be a massive doc. 
  • Trying to get as much done as early as possible so we aren't doing it all at the end. 
  • Vision for final report?
    • Massive PDF for NSF to file in the project jacket
    • Pieces of it can be better designed. More of a portfolio
  • Doing a commemorative book of science highlights. Beginning this spring to be ready for PEARC. Science highlights plus additional amplified info. Good to add something like training. Good info coming out of training longitudinal study. Talk about ways project has impacted the community beyond typical science highlights. 
    • MSI institutional story–what XSEDE has meant for them. 
    • Outreach/DEI things
    • KPI metrics is interesting but not for this book. Likely an article. Important for those who study organizational science can see what we've been doing. 
    • Important story to tell: software engineering institute partnership in XSEDE1. We needed them to better formalize software efforts. They said they're happy to work with us but want to teach us to fish. No long term relationship. They discovered the state of the practice of what they're doing doesn't fit with what we're doing. Assumption that team is co-located physically and assumption of top-down management structure. Became interesting because they then started sharing about what we're doing within their community. Important to share with community that there are strange impacts you can have that you might not have anticipated. Stories like this need to be told
    • COVID task force–paper being written that we can pull from. They had no idea how they would provide allocations. XSEDE has been a lynchpin to whole operation. Having a system that could be used for this purpose has been instrumental. Longer version of the story will be posted to consortium website. Some summary version for this purpose and can then point to longer versions. Many partners. XSEDE has influenced that significantly through direct involvement
    • IHPCSS–goes back prior to beginning of XSEDE. 13th year this year. Sprung from initial conversations re. developing XSEDE proposal with overseas partners. Typically 80 elite students attend the summer school. Relationships at SS have major impact on these students. 
    • Campus Champions–a lot of history to be told. 10 year highlights done in 2018–can be updated. 
    • Holistic sense of impact that XSEDE has had. 
    • Terminology task force - demonstrates XSEDE as forward thinking/ leading edge 
    • Will also pull 20 stories for final report. Many of those selected for the book could be repurposed. 
    • Campus Champion fellows LS- is ready now. 
    • XRAS–has paying customers. ISR group
  • Governance piece–can draw from XAB, UAC chairs. XSEDE engages XAB, UAC more so than most projects. 
    • XAB always very engaged, great questions, review docs, etc. Not sure why that is the case. Would be good to understand that. Can ask XAB members about this
  •  Overlap between lessons learned and highlighting stories? 
    • Whatever we write up will be informed by LL. LL should be crisp–things you should be aware of. 
  • LL in transition plan? As we think about elements most important to transition, lessons learned likely influence that. 

KPI targets for carryover period

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