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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items:


  • XACCT rollout - updated plan - XACCT to be completed this spring... delayed the roll-out until better clarity about what’s happening with ACCESS.
  • End of XSEDE transition planning:

      • Technical documentation of XRAS and XACCT
      • API cleanup, improved documentation (swagger) 
      • Ensuring XRAS can continue to be available to client organizations
  • Continued XRAS feature improvements

  • Working with SPs to who are connecting new XSEDE resources.

  • Reworking the “Staff Queries” page


  • Transitioning the portal will depend on what comes to be known about ACCESS


  • Comanage for Group Management
    • Staff onboarding and offboarding
    • Staff email list synchronization
    • Confluence and JIRA user and group management
    • AWS console access management
  • Research Software Portal
    • Online discussion forums for general research computing and XSEDE specific needs, priorities and problems.
  • Usage analysis
    • Historical usage graphs for 11 XSEDE components 
  • Accounting & allocations
    • New Python xdusage CLI new API to new accounting database
  • RDR Phase 2
    • SP coordination information using field groups
  • Information Services
    • XSEDE Training Discovery (with iframe)
      • Leveraging XCDB curated organizations
    • Resource discovery web app
      • Pilot AWS container
    • IPF & RDR expansion to un-allocated SPs
  • Security Capabilities
    • Group Management using CoManage
      • Slack access management
      • Phase 2: Allocation groups use cases (cancel if we agree)
    • Documenting vulnerability discovery tools and consulting services
  • Data, Execution, and Other Capabilities
    • CVM-FS XSEDE wide shared software and small data pilot
      • A way to distribute xdusage and ipf?
    • Open OnDemand pilot
      • Web SSO + login shell on HPC resources
      • Access XSEDE information APIs
  • Usage Analysis (
    • Adding MyProxy and MyProxy OAuth

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