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  • Discuss ECSS end game and transition to ACCESS

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcomeSergiu Sanielevici 

 15 minutes L2 update Sergiu Sanielevici 

  •  Adaptive reviews for the August XRAC meeting
  • Quarterly report contributions: NaIP highlights, final reports for ECSS work plans. Needed by this Friday! Sudhakar Pamidighantam will send a contribution.
  • See Bob Sinkovits' email to ecss-all, dated 7/20, subject "ECSS opportunities with ACCESS Track 2 (MATCH)" – text is below.
30 minutesECSS end game and transition to ACCESSAll
  • Reported by Alan B Craig: When a grant that included ECSS is extended, the PI may still receive a notice from JIRA that does not reflect the fact that ECSS is ending. This has happened to Sever Tipei (Paul Rodriguez I guess you heard). We have asked that these messages no longer be sent, but if it does happen to a group you work with, please clarify that all work must cease by 8/31, including the filing of the final report and the PI being interviewed by Phil or Bob.
    • Tier 4 of MATCH support (MATCH Premier) supports researchers who have a need for a longer term engagement to meet their research goals. This would involve a situation where a staff consultant would be more embedded in their work to help solve a computational problem they are having on a project. In MATCH Premier, the researcher will request a project, and we can help match the researcher with staff who will have the computational skill sets required to complete the project. Having former ECSS staff members join the MATCH Computational Science Support Network (CSSN) and tag themselves with their pertinent skill sets will allow us to draw from this community to support the researchers.
    • In our Tier 3 engagement (MATCH Plus) researchers will also be able to request a project, and MATCH will connect the researcher with people who have a relevant skill set to support them. This engagement involves students instead of staff doing the computational work. The students will also need mentors to help guide them through the computational project with the researcher. MATCH would love to have ECSS consultants provide support as mentors to the students for this effort.Here is the request from MATCH, as per Bob's email of 7/20: 

      The MATCH team recognizes the great value that the ECSS group brought to the XSEDE community. With the NSF solicitation for ACCESS, MATCH was unable to provide the financial support for the ECSS group that was previously in place. However, there are still a few opportunities for engagement between the ECSS and MATCH teams:

    As noted, we do not have financial support built into the MATCH project for this effort. The staff support for this effort would come from the researchers who are writing staff members into their proposals. We are also actively seeking out additional solicitations and award opportunities to support the Tier 4 consultants or Tier 3 mentors. 

    We will be conducting a pilot in the coming months, working with the Track 1 allocations team (RAMPS) to identify projects and building up our community network to support them. 

    In the meantime, please join our mailing list at to stay abreast of evolution in our project!

    Shelley Knuth, MATCH PI

    Julie Ma, MATCH Deputy Director

5 mintesWrap-upSergiu Sanielevici Next meeting: August 8

Action items