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  • Helping the community transition to the post-ECSS world

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcome
 10 minutes XSEDE/ECSS updates
  •  Groups that need help moving to Anvil or other new resources?
  • The opportunity to submit a proposal to the last XRAC meeting is open until 7/15.
20 minutesNaIP/ECSS  end game discussionsAllEverybody is trying for a smooth transition.
10 minutesPEARC22: who's going?All
  • Who has contributions? Alan and Sergiu.
  • NaIP reunion?
  • XSEDE farewell lunch/town hall 12:30 pm on July 14 (RSVP to Leslie Froeschl)
5 minutesWrap-upAllNext meeting: 7/25

Action items