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  • SP Coordination: Ookami making progress
  • Jetstream 2 Site visit now, lots of folks involved
  • Site Visit Response
    • 3-4 respondents so far (Adam, Franklin, Nitin, Jay)
    • Eric - When2meet, followup
    • BOF Proposal due two Fridays away
  • Terminology review of
  • readthedocs transition - doable
  • Site Visits
    • Franklin on to installing scientific software
    • SWOSU working with Ariana before summer, getting a new admin Carly
    • James Madison - needs a re-contact
    • Juniata - holding, target for doing something in June
  • Toolkits
    • OpenOnDemand SWOSU updates
    • Franklin with some JupyterHub/headnode improvements, may want OpenOnDemand
    • Dimuthu - docs improvements for JS2 Virtual Clusters
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