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Discussion items

5 minutesWelcomeSergiu Sanielevici 
 10 minutes L2 update Sergiu Sanielevici 
25 minutesNaIP and ECSS Lessons LearnedAll

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Thank you very much to Kevin Clark and Alan B Craig for entering their thoughts! We will edit in real time with any other contributions, and Sergiu Sanielevici hopes to condense them - especially the NaIP specific ones -  for inclusion into our ECSS presentation at the QM on Wednesday.

10 minutesActivity updatesAll

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Thank you Alan B Craig for arranging an ECSS symposium talk in May! Who else?

Sergiu Sanielevici advised PIs Jim Albertus, Eric Shook, and Eric Morgan on extending or completing their ECSS projects as XSEDE ends. There have also been questions about the continued availability of Campus Champions allocations after XSEDE ends.  This will be discussed by the SP Forum next week (there is also a discussion about the future of the Campus Champions Program at the QM this evening).

5 minutesWrap-upAllNext meeting: March 21.

Action items