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Action Items:

Due Date

Dave/Nathan/Ken to bring up with team and bring back options, high level description, rough budget. QMA-507 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Covid19 pandemic continues. Not certain when our work supporting the C19HPCC will no longer be needed. Need a plan for after Aug 31 2022. John brought up with executive board. They are dependent on what we're doing. 
    • Manish Parashar is member of that board & indicated NSF will continue to support this but didn't indicate if they'll continue with what we're doing or come up with something else. 
    • Access to XRAS and staff time. 
  • Could become parallel/supplement request to NSF. Need to think about what is necessary to support what we've been doing past end Aug 22. 
  • If current participants are ACCESS awards, could be transferred to that. But need to make a plan if that doesn't happen. 
  • Provide brief write-up to NSF about what is needed. 
    • XRAS: set up as separate opportunity (not a separate instance). Work needed to create a separate instance? 
      • Doing it like we're doing initiates a chain: portal etc needs to be up. 
      • Opportunity to transition C19HPC consortium to its own instance. Spin up new client entity as its own instance. 
      • How to deal with authentication? Could use ORCID directly. 
      • Prior work would still be under XSEDE, but could possibly figure out how to transition to C19HPCC client. 
    • Staff time: Ken, John, Leslie, person time to be sure it keeps running. 
    • Usage reporting that we pull from XSEDE database would go away. Would need to come up with another way to report usage. No accounting service running for XSEDE to use. 
      • Could request accounting info from ACCESS? They won't know which projects to pull. Don't know if  we can post 2 sets of awards. Would require 2 project number spaces, ability to distinguish, etc. Need to think about this. 
      • Could tell NSF we need to spin up accounting to do this so projects can send usage back. SPs send usage to to C19HPCC instead of XSEDE...
      • Getting data from non-XSEDE providers has been very difficult. 
    • Could function like non-XSEDE partners (DOE etc,) but wouldn't be automated. Would have to ask. 
    • Full national computing environment through NSCR. Don't know where staff time for that development would  come from. XSEDE staff are booked now (and will be booked for ACCESS if awarded). Would need more bodies.  
    • New York Academy of Science (didn't catch what was said about this). 
    • Willing to take a more aggressive stance that this is the way it should be done. Prefer to have a contract vs. an award. 
    • Costs would be for cloning acct service under XRAS service (don't anticipate a major effort for this), working through logistics of how can SPs communicate to 2 different acct services. Don't know what dev level would be.  SPs would have to rethink their infrastructure. AMIE could possibly farm out the info (makes presumptions that we would be operating both back-ends). Could generalize in AMIE API component. Would have to explore this. 
    • May present a couple options:
      • Stand up XRAS instance and don't worry about accounting. Ask ACCESS for data. Has some issues re. chain of dependencies that we'll have to work through. Someone would need to pay for ORCID past XSEDE. Possibly pass along membership to different owners? All submissions come in as guest submissions? Not ideal. Federated GitHub or Globus accounts could be a possibility. 
        • ORCID would be most ideal as most researchers would have that. But need to figure out who would be the ORCID member. Possibly piggyback off ACCESS? Best to include in needed cost. 
      • Spin up new client and include the accounting. Some development work. Could estimate 1 FTE 

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