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Spend down planning for participant support

QMA-496 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CEE team will plan how to spend down travel and stipend support for participants, and Kelly and Linda will turn in plan by September 29 for discussion at SMT meeting.

Transition planning QMA-497 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Training team plans to keep roadmaps up to date, finish badges currently under development, document where things are, outline procedures and best practices on the wiki, and continue to offer training structure/platform to new service providers.

Action Items:

Due Date

QMA-495 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Linda will check on whom to contact about registering a batch of people at once for the SC21 conference, to make it easier for Dana and others to register larger groups of people all at once rather than one-by-one, e.g. Campus Champions.

Linda AkliNo due date assigned


Notes/ Discussion items:

Participants may still not be keen on traveling in the spring due to the pandemic.

Participants might be more keen to travel for PEARC22, which could allow us to support a number of participants while spending down the budget.

If travel support is still difficult to give in PY11, stipend support could be given to students being trained or faculty developing curriculum or other tasks that cannot be done by XSEDE staff. There may be good opportunities for Campus Engagement.

New Service Providers seem keen on rolling their own training materials, but Training team will continue to offer their structure/platform to the SPs.

The Advanced Computing for Social Change two-day workshop was wildly successful, with a ~90% evaluation response rate. Still hoping for in-person programs in the future, but backup planning for virtual.

Shodor is planning to reschedule the canceled virtual faculty Agent-based Modeling workshop from June to two afternoons in October and will look to hold repeats of the Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum virtual faculty workshops in the spring.

EMPOWER program has extended offers to around 50 students to participate in the fall, which is twice as many as usual.

International Summer School had a virtual program with decent attendance in both time zone bands: about 30 in North America and 30 in Europe.

John Holly has been producing short how-to videos for Broadening Participation.

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