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Brief meeting to make up for proposal drafting time, etc

  • XSEDE Quarterly:
    • As we wrap up, plan is to draw down activities to complete all work by August 2022
    • XSEDE Climate Survey results
      • Comment - communication works ok but Slacks don't get used, forcing slower action
  • IU shifting personnel
    • Eric at GaTech still doing site visits,
    • Suresh starting on Virtual Cluster Toolkit, Demuthu on cluster monitoring
  • George Mason
    • hosting their own Exosphere.
    • image build pipeline is more mature/working now, builds image for 6 distros with GUI desktop environments. ripe for consumption by others, George Mason is using it too
  • Franklin has questions for Eric, need to sync back up w/ SWOSU again, should be soon as he gets settled (what, in his brand new office???)
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