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  • Activity update
  • Discuss community questions regarding the end of XSEDE

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcome
 15 minutes L2 updates 
  • ECSS management has submitted the request for the training supplement to the XSEDE leadership. We should be able to get back to you soon on any requests you have submitted from that fund.
  •  ECSS management has also submitted a proposal to the XSEDE leadership to fund additional ECSS effort to help prepare (1) current ECSS PIs; (2) SPs; (3) Champions -  for the post-ECSS era. We'll see how that goes.
  • Please start working on quarterly activity updates and propose possible progress highlights. (The next XSEDE quarterly report is due to NSF in early November.)
  • And of course, quarterly and final reports for any/all ECSS projects you are working on.
  • XRAC proposals: good for a full year (not ending with XSEDE).

10 minutesActivity updatesAll

  • Renewals for December XRAC: reminders and assistance to projects we mentor.
  • Science Gateways conference. SC21 presentations.
  • Davide's NaIP work with Shook created this: JupyterHub's nativeauthenticator is a lightweight authenticator included in JupyterHub whose purpose is to ease the burden on admins needing to create accounts, e.g. for teaching relatively large classes or workshops.
  • Bryan and Paul: Good progress with Albertus project "Predicting Corporate Default".
  • Kelly: progress with epidemiology infrastructure

20 minutesDiscussion: community questions regarding the end of XSEDE?All-Champions affinity groups based on areas of interest.  -Duration of XRAC proposals and ECSS proposals are discussed in the webinar series "How to Write a Successful XSEDE Proposal" - point folks to the XSEDE training calendar (the next one is on 10/5; we will share the link to the recording when available).
5 minutesWrap-upNext meeting: 10/18

Action items

  • Discussion of community questions regarding the end of XSEDE/ECSS will be a standing item for our meetings.