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  • Activity review

Discussion items

 10 min L2 news
  •  Adaptive XRAC reviews
  • Staff publications: entering into the XUP.

30 minActivity updatesAll

Please review

Sudhakar: ECSS project with Cueva-Parra Gateway planned. Davide: ESRT project taken on, PI Balakrishnan. Alan: mentored a Darwin startup. Paul: helping MSS190025. Kelly: the problem of health data sharing. Sudhakar: Bridge2AI solicitation may perhaps help. Rozita: advertised Cell Modeling and Biophysics workshops via XSEDE, which accounted for 45% and 37% respectively.

10 minWrap-up; next meeting

Sergiu will be on PTO on 8/23. It will be up toAlan B Craig to lead the discussion whether to have the meeting then, given that 9/6 is Labor Day - so the next meeting after that would be on 9/20.

Action items