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  • Task review and activity update.

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcome
 15 minutes L2 Updates
  •  Quarterly reporting: Please submit your reports. I need NaIP progress story candidates.
  • As Leslie Froeschl just wrote: If you’ve published anything during the past few months, please remember to upload those to the User Portal. The XUP offers the option to import using the DOI which makes it pretty effortless. Don’t forget to choose “XSEDE Staff Publication” from the Related XSEDE Projects dropdown. Please try to get your pubs from this quarter uploaded by Saturday! I suspect many of you might have publications from the PEARC conference!
  • XRAC adaptive review invitations are imminent.
  • ECSS management is considering renewing our application for the XSEDE Project Improvement Fund to support ECSS staff skills development. If asked, how would you respond to the questions in - don't actually answer now , just think about whether you would still be interested in this final year of XSEDE. Specifically, in preparation for the new SPs: machine learning, cloud-style computing, etc.
20 minutesActivity updatesAll

Please consider/update .

Paul Rodriguez will send a progress candidate. Lisa LoweMD request - talk to Sudhakar Pamidighantam or Marcela Madridfor MD. Windows... perhaps on Jetstream?

10 minutesPEARC21 debriefAny
  • Impressions? Concerns about the paper talks, interface between sched, pathable and zoom. Can recordings be downloaded?  Recommendations (since the content is available to registered participants for another ~3 weeks)? Please email if you would like to share any.
5 minutesWrap-upNext meeting: August 9th.

Action items