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Discussion items

5 minutesWelcome
 10 minutes L2 update
  •  The NSF annual panel review went very well. The panelists conveyed their appreciation, on behalf of the community, to all of us. Formal recommendations regarding our activities in this final year of the project will be forthcoming,
  • The opportunity to submit Research proposals to the August XRAC meeting ends on 7/15. Please work with any of the groups you mentor, as needed. And by the end of July we will get the call to prepare to review the adaptive proposals.
  • We will start work on the next quarterly report within the next 2 weeks. This is the context of this morning's email from our Project Manager Marques Bland:

    This morning a request for quarterly reports may have been sent to you. The template that populates the e-mail had errors and you may have received an e-mail with errors. I apologize for that. I will re-generate that email and resend it to you.

     You can always go to your project’s Jira page and then click the link where it says “Confluence Page.” Once you click that link, you can press the “Create Quarterly Report” button.

     If you have a Final Report for a project that ended between April and June this year, that email request should not have any issues.

     I apologize for the delay and will resend the request as soon as I’m able to fix the template this evening.


35 minutesActivity updatesAll
5 minutesWrap-upNext meeting: July 26.

Action items