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  • Activity review

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcome
 15 minutes L2 Update
  •  ECSS all hands meeting on 6/2. Topic: The final year of ECSS. Spoiler alert: NaIP work will continue to the last day (8/31/22).
  • ECSS symposium tomorrow. Topic: COVID-19 Drug Repurposing Guidance using Fragment Molecular Orbital (FMO) Calculations.
  • Questions/Discussion: what about the Champions organization? Kevin says: will continue in some form, with ACCESS.
  • XSEDE climate survey: please respond.
  • XRAC reviews: please do them in time.

30 minutesActivity updatesAll

Please keep checking

Lisa: research proposal in for the June XRAC. Paul and Bryon meeting biweekly with Dr. Antaki. Kelly will let us know when the new startup comes.

Alan will ask Bob S for a list of attendees at the ECSS symposium talk about AR (April 20, 2021). Will talk to Jay Alameda about facilitating app store deployment of the technology.

5 minutesWrap-upNext meeting: June 14 (due to Memorial Day)

Action items

  • Collect list of accepted PEARC21 contributions that include NaIP members by our July 12 meeting.