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  • 20201210- Integrating XRAS Staff Allocations with JIRA
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 Create JIRA Epic for new ECSS Projects ECSS would like new projects be entered into JIRA automatically. Marques Bland has been entering them manually
It can be done.Shava Smallen, Dave Hart and Nathan Tolbert agreed that it can be done through Ops. Work on that will begin at the beginning of January 2021

Action Items:

Due Date

Create the JIRA Epic of ECSS

A programmer/developer will be assigned

Nathan Tolbert

January 4, 2021

Hosting needed

Hosting the final product should be done through Ops. They will be notified. Could be hosted on the existing JIRA VM.

 Dave Hart

 January 4, 2021
AdditionsThe abstract and other additions to JIRA will be added manuallyMarques Blandas necessary
ECSS repProduct owner. Project should be ready for use by the end of JanuaryLonnie Cosby

January 31, 2021

Other usesCould be used for Areas not just ECSSDave Hart

January 31, 2021

Use CasesJP suggested it may be used to track Use CasesJP NavarroAs necessary
AuthenticationShava Smallen will help with necessary authenticationShava SmallenJanuary 4, 2021
Site personSergiu Sanielevici said Gary Rogers will be the right personGary RogersJanuary 31, 2021


Notes/ Discussion items:


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