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  • 20201209- Review L2 diagrams demonstrating interconnections across project
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Action Items:

Due Date

Provide interconnections lists to the Google Drive so that all working on these can review as well.






Notes/ Discussion items:

  • How are the L2’s going with documenting the interconnections?
    • Program Office: good starting point; not sure specifically what Tim is looking for.
    • XCI: also has a good start; drafting all of the work activities – has identified about 7.
    • CEE: making good progress; pieces not completed are UII and User services; BP, CE, and WD are complete; approximate activities/projects – trying to keep it 1-2.
      • Similar activities will be aggregated.
    • Ops: off to a good start.
    • ECSS: a little behind, but have a good idea of what should be done.
  • How much more time needed?
  • Use diagram as a tool for onboarding? (i.e., L3 areas)
    • Would be a useful tool to identify other opportunities.


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