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Action Items:

Due Date

XCI concern about downward change in tone QMA-454 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Eval team will revisit the XCI comments and come back to XCI team with a plan. 

Concern about cooperation between XSEDE & SPs QMA-455 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Calendar year 2021: put more focus on awareness & discussion about how different SPs are tackling different issues. XCI/Ruth to discuss and come up with topics. 

CEE: Concern about value of work they do QMA-456 - Getting issue details... STATUS Lizanne/Linda will help connect XSEDE with this training across entire project.
CEE: Low score on usefulness of wiki QMA-457 - Getting issue details... STATUS Eval team will dig into this more
Bringing in equity/diversity training to staff QMA-458 - Getting issue details... STATUS Add to next SMT agenda


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Did a separate module for ECSS. A few things in the special module about Jira & wiki
  • XCI: concern about change in tone in the past year
    • Could be some project fatigue
    • COVID could impact this.
    • Eval could do a follow-up focus group to try to get more information. Lizanne will let XCI team know what the first steps to do this are. Eval team will revisit the comments and come back to XCI team with a plan. 
    • Frustration with pushing agenda that isn't high priority/within scope
    • Tension between what do we need to do to keep the trains running vs. having a focus on users. Data from User Survey/user perspective is very positive.
    • Increased transparency into process and how that impacts users positively
  • XCI: concern about cooperation between XSEDE & SPs
    • Not under XSEDE's control. Can only have conversations with SP Forum to make sure they're aware of options. 
    • Ruth: We could have a more regular schedule of XCI joining SPF calls. Possibly every other month. Share what you're working on. 
    • A lot of local pride in running systems. 
    • Opportunity with new providers coming on, new players. 
    • Calendar year 2021: put more focus on awareness & discussion about how different SPs are tackling different issues. 
      • XCI/Ruth to discuss and come up with topics. 
    • Tabitha: Have created Slack channel for sys admins from different sites. Provides large community to help them with tech issues. Includes good representation from XSEDE side. 
  • XCI: more time to innovate
    • Need to get back to more innovative piece. Tap into people's interests/passions so they can be creative in their jobs
  • XCI: new staff
    • Make time in meetings for new staff to get to know people, show personality. Linda has created a word scramble off an XSEDE page. Linda will share this
  • XCI: who to contact. 
    • Maybe they think is only for users. Have a discussion to reinforce that it is for staff as well. 
  • CEE: Communication re. evaluations
    • Should send back out to staff that they are encouraged to seek input from XSEDE manager as part of their institutional evaluation. Managers are expected to respond to these. Important to do this for their benefit and project benefit. Overcommunicate this. 
  • CEE: concern about project supervisors not making me feel that contributions are valuable. 
    • A lot of group calls. Some may not participate as much. After first of year, considering doing 1-1 with everyone in L3 area to see where they are and how people are doing. 
  • CEE: concern about value of work they do
    • Clear communication from leadership that everyone is valued. Work with individual teams to acknowledge this, make sure they don't feel excluded/disrespected. Team science training deals with this issue. Lizanne will help connect XSEDE with this training. Linda will help with this. 
    • Not a new issue. Time to do something more about it.
    • L3s to encourage more attendance at staff meeting. 
    • Good to address this issue as we potentially move into another re-competition.
    • Will be more diligent about calling out micro-aggressions to ensure people understand impact. Feel instances of micro-aggressions have increased since people have  been working remotely. People are under stress. 

      An all-XSEDE session on how to identify micro-aggressions in a remote work setting might be really useful.

  • CEE: Low score on usefulness of wiki
    • Don't understand the low score. 
    • Wiki scores increasing overall. Some areas use it more than others. Ease of use/familiarity with wiki is part of the issue. Think about how your unit's work is represented on the wiki. Do you direct people there? 
    • Follow up with how do you like to get information? Some people may not like to use a wiki. Eval team has a suite of questions to dig into this. 
    • Great for managers (meeting notes etc.), but necessarily useful content for general staff. 
    • Could be legacy sentiment from bad experiences earlier in the project before wiki was revamped. 
    • Need understanding of entire project to effectively use the wiki. 
    • PM team provided organization/training on use of wiki in the last year. Will continue to offer this assistance to our respective teams going forward. 
  • Ops: training resources
    • Could provide links to external training resources that Ops staff might find useful. 
  • Ops: decisions re. staffing
    • Have discussed this with managers. L3s don't always have a say on who gets moved on/off project at various sites. 
    • If they have a challenge, they should escalate to the L2 to see if L2 can do anything about it. 
    • Has improved over last couple years
  • PgO: recommendation to invite external equity/diversity experts to present
    • Definitely need refresher/training on cultural sensitivity. Question is who we get. Send suggestions for this to Ron. 
    • PSC has had 4-5 months of diversity task force. Trying to find good resources. Don't know best way to proceed/address. Not ready to suggest, but hope to get there. 
    • Identify topics/areas and then figure out who are good people to do training in those areas. Groups on implicit bias, inclusive practices. Short list of topics, then easier to locate people who work in those spaces. Lizanne, BP group can help find right people.
    • Can seek people from industry/corporate; doesn't necessarily have to be from partner institutions. 
    • Cultural competency is a recurring theme that would be a good topic, but it's still a big topic. 
    • Add to next SMT call to determine topics. 
    • How to encourage participation regardless of topics offered, especially if not mandatory. Making mandatory won't mean all people will get something out of it. Need to be creative in how we position it.  


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