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Action Items:

Due Date

Brainstorming Session for Gateways Catalog QMA-459 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Send out doodle poll: Rob Light, RAS, Maytal, XCI- 1 hour meeting to discuss Gateways Catalog

JP Navarro



Notes/ Discussion items:

  • A3M needs to find out which SPs are still using RabbitMQ after the deployment of the new AMIE
  • JP will share usage record schema with A3M team
  • Teragrid data collection archive is only for historical purposes
  • The portal team can easily recreate a discovery interface for data collections when needed

  • SGCI has a bigger catalog of gateways... should we just use that catalog? Or a combination of SGCI and XDCDB data/ SGCI probably has an API attached but XSEDE resources are not called out... need to make sure not to duplicate effort with User Interface efforts... need to get them linked up to the allocated project... XRAS checkbox solution?... maybe leverage the XSEDE Gateway registration process... XSEDE gateway catalog maybe doesn't need to be maintained separately

  • Organizational information in XDCDB- formalize it a little bit better... press forward on dealing with hierarchical situations (e.g. NCSA part of UIUC, SDSC part of UCSD) to make sure duplicates are not created 

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