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Action Items:

Due Date

Emergency Account Suspension Documentation

QMA-423 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Work on clarifying documentation so that it is easy to understand what Emergency account suspension means and making the documentation easier to find.

Nathan Tolbert and

Derek Simmel


Emergency Account Suspension Next Steps

QMA-424 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Determine next steps regarding kerberos, portal, AMIE packet, etc...
Do we want to back-populate old suspensions?

Derek Simmel


Alex Withers


Swagger for AMIE API QMA-425 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Add Swagger to AMIE API-

Nathan to discuss with JP

Nathan Tolbert06/30/2020
Possible Redundancy between XRAS API and XCI APIs QMA-426 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Discuss possible redundancies between XRAS API and the API XCI created for XDCDB user information lookup (Used for creating Research Software Portal accounts)

Nathan Tolbert


JP Navarro

Annual or quarterly user information verification process QMA-427 - Getting issue details... STATUS Create a process whereby users are required to verify and update their information annually or quarterly (e.g. make sure their institutional information is current)Maytal Dahan06/30/2020


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Emergency Account Suspension:
    - hard to find the documentation to know what emergency account suspension means
    Disabling kerberos does not prevent them from logging in with different credentials
  • New AMIE API should be testable by summer 2020
    - Should it be swaggered?
  • Post-SU allocation sizing
    - Make a common unit so that it is easier to compare size across systems

    - Will require work between RDR, XUP, XRAS- Carrie Arnold to work on this starting with the XRAS Submit UI
    - Can conversions between resources that don't make sense (i.e. Comet CPU to Bridges AI) be restricted on the calculator?




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