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Action Items:

Due Date

XCI to interview SPs regarding use cases

QMA-428 - Getting issue details... STATUS

XCI will Interview SDSC, PSC, TACC, and any other SPs needed to determine:

what are the use cases they are trying to support?

how are they doing it?

In order to decide how to implement these use cases into XSEDE, if we should continue supporting it? and if yes, how?

JP Navarro

Jim Basney

Lee Liming


NSF Reporting Requirements for SPs

QMA-429 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Find out what NSF reporting requirements are from SPs to be consistent with what reports are provided to the SPs from XSEDE

 Dave Hart

ITAR Compliance QMA-430 - Getting issue details... STATUS Does XSEDE need to worry about ITAR compliance? If so, how do we implement this? Let's make sure the user information provided to SPs has all the information they need (country of user and email TLD); maybe some of this can come from ORCID accountsAlex Withers6/30/20
CIPRES Gateway user job tracking QMA-431 - Getting issue details... STATUS Can we provide a way to allow them to directly access the API? Should we grant access to the API to everyone?Nathan Tolbert6/30/20
Custom XSEDE staff access control QMA-432 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Missing service: Site/service needs to restrict access to only XSEDE staff and know each person’s email address. Are there other existing options here? Could this service leverage XSEDE SSO rather than a custom auth control mechanism?

Where is this data being stored? how secure is his process?

Should this service be limited to XSEDE staff? Should former staff be allowed to access this?

Is there another service he could leverage instead of XSEDE having to manage this one off situation?

Dave Hart or Nathan Tolbert6/30/20


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Use cases- SDSC (sdsc-readonly and gxmap) and TACC (XDCDB credentials via globus and TAS) have alternative access to authentication: 
    • Should we put this on the to-do list and make it a formal process? 
    • Or should we grandfather in SDSC's practice and not allow it for any other SPs?
    • Or should we not support it for any SPs?
  • Is XSEDEs implementation insufficient?
  • SDSC allows the 90 day grace period after the end of an allocation to allow user to move data off
  • Inactivation packets are per user not per project
  • PSC is doing something similar to SDSC but using AMIE so it is officially supported
  • CIPRES Gateway user job tracking: using a modified version of the deprecated "tgusage" utility to pull job details from the XDCDB... is there a better way to do this?
  • XSEDE Ops: Custom XSEDE staff access control-
    • XSEDE has a mailing list archive service... records list traffic for posterity or program data management




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