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 Project KPI Total number of capabilities in productionWhy only 20/yr in PY10 when previous years were 25/yr, JP noted that a bunch were rolled over from XSEDE1. That can stand. 

Action Items:

Due Date




Notes/ Discussion items:

Craig suggested that a graph of Project KPI Total number of capabilities in production should be created showing what XCI started with and what XCI ended with.

Craig noted that for L2 KPI Mean time to issue resolution 10 days is very fast.

Craig:  XCI will endeavor to persevere until the end of XSEDE2.  We intend to keep on going.

Re: Transition:  XSEDE will not end on schedule.  XCI's work is sufficiently well documented for transition.

XCI intends to promote the Research Software Portal a lot.  It is a valuable tool.

As Technical Program Chair for PEARC20, Craig said that as of now, PEARC20 will go on, if not face-to-face then virtually. A Proceedings, that can be cited, of papers will be produced.  This year posters can be accompanied by a 4(or less) page paper which will be part of the Proceedings.




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