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 Aggregate mean rating of user satisfaction with XSEDE technical support services target will remain the same 3.5/5 due to the fact that there was revision to questions. 

Action Items:

Due Date

Clean up PIF KPI collection methodology QMA-420 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Clean up PIF KPI collection methodology




Notes/ Discussion items:

Aggregate mean rating of user satisfaction with XSEDE tech support svcs–user survey. Project wide KPI. If project continues to operate as it has, we should be able to increase the target. Holistic measure of project. If set target at 4, what would we do to get there. Not localized to a group, but project wide. What would we do across project to get there. 

  • User survey items are largely XCI related. Satisfaction with capabilities that get rolled out, people services. 
  • What is XCI doing now to cause the number to be increased? 
  • Some revisions to XCI questions.
  • Ask a number of screening questions to identify which questions they should be asked (globus, job prediction service, etc.). 
  • Not increasing due to revisions to questions. 

Social media % impressions increase to be set to 0 based on current social strategy. If strategy remains same, would likely change KPI. Pending afternoon session to discuss strategy. 

% of PIF funds resulting in innovation–no PIF funds in PY10. Using funds approved in previous years for multi-year efforts. Either need to replace or eliminate this. 

  • too short of timeframe to see impact. 
  • May need to expand definition
  • Clean up collection methodology.
  • Cumulative (to date), so amount shouldn't change a lot. As projects complete the amount of innovative (numerator) could increase, but total number will remain the same... so total would increase

Number of XSEDE related social media impressions: to be discussed in afternoon session. If strategy remains the same, target to be reduced.

Media hits target increasing due to Cision software. 

Staff publications: increase to 50/yr

% of recommendations addressed within 90 days: recommend reducing based on historical performance. If it stays at 90% needs to be a priority. Now that process is better understood, should be able to address more promptly. 

  • Don't believe we should decrease target. 
  • Recommendations sometimes come with little context–if more info is needed to understand, ask for clarification. 

PMs will be involved in tracking transition planning efforts

Project net zero plan: funds we need to identify how they'll be spent. Pulling together plan to identify this. 

Lessons learned doc from XSEDE to community: need to understand what NSF wants in terms of a final report. Previously they asked for lessons learned docs, so they may ask for this again as part of our final report. If they don't require, we have to decide whether we would do it anyway. TBD. 

High potential for extension. Close-out prep: closing subawards, etc. 

Longitudinal studies:

  • Tonya Miles joined team in January
  • Retreat was held to kick off work
  • Rebalancing workload to allow Lorna, Julie, Lizanne to do more longitudinal work. 
  • Bringing in 3rd party for evaluation of SP&E work
  • Studies:
    • Training
    • Strategic Plan, Metrics, KPIs
    • Champion Fellows
    • ECSS
    • XCI
    • Broadening Participation (institutional)
    • Broadening Participation (individual)
    • Trainees




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