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Action Items:

Due Date

Get ECSS staff gender diversity numbers




Notes/ Discussion items:

  • The astute observer might notice when you read the full document, that "last year you told me you'd decrease projects by 10% to train staff, but I think we're going to get close to the same number of projects w/o the reduction (hit the old target), how do you explain that"
    • It's a big project, and there's variability from year to year...not all last a full year, so we'd have to do some analysis to figure out what's driving the target number. 
    • There should be some documentation about the results from the reduction of the target in previous years and why it's still a good target. 
    • We are looking at data regarding training and what ECSS staff are doing


 Questions posed:

  • How many women do we have in the ECSS staff overall? 
  • Gender diversity
    • Focus on terminology in job postings can go a log way to get things more diverse
    • Kelly offered to help getting best practices and share them so that we can do a better job of getting word out to a diverse population in a way that speaks to diverse applicants where diverse applicants will see those postings 
      • Discussion with SP forum 
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