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 Potential Use Cases QMA-442 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Panel review: develop understanding of high level starting point of how org interconnects. Could have higher level diagram with more in-depth diagrams for more detail.
  • Reports: clarify how program areas contribute to strategic goals, & KPIs. What program areas directly contribute to strategic goals/KPIs
  • General communication with people interested in how org functions. (Same use case as panels) 
  • Documentation about how XSEDE2 functioned. (similar to reports use case)
  • Useful in outreach activities such as IHPCSS to help them understand XSEDE better, CEE outreach, campus champions onboarding, how you get in for training, SP onboarding
  • Help to us (or others) as we develop next proposal
  • Help us understand how we can improve, think about organizational decisions we can improve on to optimize organization
  • Useful for new staff to understand how XSEDE interconnects, where they fit
  • A way to show how budget is allocated across the organization
    • Not original intent. Dave's original graphic was RAS-centric. Budget is complex to demonstrate in a simplistic diagram. 
    • Group feels budget is a not a good use case for diagrams
  • Could be used internally by subs to share how XSEDE functions and where they fit.
    • Would need diagram to pull all areas together instead of any one L2 being at the center. 
    • L1 diagram that shows all L2s, zoomed in version for each L2

Action Items:

Due Date

Next steps QMA-438 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • John & Tim need to provide guidance for L2s re. how to revise/provide feedback to each other. Provide use cases including primary use case. Guidance should clarify what should be in diagrams based on use case(s). Rank order priority for use cases. 
    • Illustrate some primary uses for each & who is in those groups 
    • Is it possible to create an understandable diagram/set of diagrams that hit all these use cases? 
  • L2s revise diagrams/Cross-review across L2s
    • Owner can respond/integrate suggestions
  • Handoff to Tim for final review for consistency etc.
  • Handoff to graphics person to generate draft concepts for further revisions.  


Notes/ Discussion items:


Diagrams to show how areas of XSEDE interconnect/work together.

REC-249: connection between scientific impact workforce dev, contributions

  • If we ensure diagrams include workforce development, can address this recommendation

During review, Craig suggested handing these off to graphic designer to normalize/make them speak to each other for use in various presentations. 

  • Is this resource still available to work with ER team on brainstorming ways to take the diagrams to the next level to tell a project-wide story? Craig: scope is outside the time available at IU. 

How all groups work together operationally vs. what we're doing towards workforce dev & impacting science

  • If showing internal interconnections, should also be able to show external. 

Motivation about how we're speaking to the panel vs. the rest of the community

Target audience is not users but external stakeholder who wants to understand project and how it works.

Counteract opinion that XSEDE can be split apart. Want to show we are inseparable. 

Orthogonal view that lists scientific results, productivity & how each part contributes to that. 

Different versions of the same graphic. Could use colors, some boxes might be grayed out. Different views of org depending on what you're viewing. 

Why: one more panel review to demonstrate that we should get funding for PY11. Not opposed to graphics, but how much time & effort is it worth if only for one more panel review... 

  • Not essential for panel review. More to it than that. Legacy we leave after end of award about how elements of the program interact. Archival in talking about XSEDE even after end of award. 
  • Could be an element of our final report
  • Help to finalize graphics to understand what the purpose is.

In every quarterly report we have strategic goals with textual verbiage about them. This graphic could clarify how program areas contribute to strategic goals. Could easily convey context of what we do. 

Suggest including external audiences in development to ensure we address the kinds of confusion people experience about XSEDE (i.e., SP Forum, XAB). Eval team could run a focus group based on a prototype.

Current diagrams would need to be normalized by someone. Useful to have each L2 area review all L2 diagrams in terms of strengths/weaknesses, make sure your diagram is still current. Then hand off to a team who looks at how to create coherent diagrams. 

  • Start with L1 diagram and then start to break down
  • Done by 6 different people. Might need more common feel before we hand off. 
  • Identify elements that should be consistent across all diagrams. L2s walk through all to identify what can be simplified, etc.
  • Then handoff to someone (Tim?) who can go through for consistency. 

Variety in ways people approached diagrams. ECSS diagram much simpler. Need clarification in what exactly we want to capture. Dave's more functionality focused. 

  • L1 could be the level that captures connections between L2 areas. 
  • Linda gives XSEDE overview almost weekly. These diagrams are not user-focused. They want to know how to create an account, sign up for training, get an allocation, etc. They don't care about how parts of XSEDE interconnect. Removing that from the mix can help us get to what we really want to accomplish with the diagrams. 

Ask John what he likes about each of these & try to capture that in every diagram. Orientation between them is different (some more internal, some more external). 

Remove acronyms or add glossary so people know what the acronyms mean. Note that we do have an acronym page on the wiki: But having a companion to these graphics would be helpful

Have one simple diagram where parts can be highlighted to show how that part fits into XSEDE as a whole.  Anyone can explain what they do in XSEDE by highlighting their part of the diagram. 

  • Wouldn't help for outreach. How many billions dollars of research we've supported is of interest to some–show benefit & value to an institution. Mostly people want to know how to access resources. 
  • High level diagram to show coordinating function that XSEDE provides where SPs are concerned. Persistent confusion about XSEDE vs. SPs

3 different levels: 1) between L2 areas, 2) how they produce products, 3) how they organize products 

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