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  • 20200901-Terminology Review Task Force: Describe goals and plans for newly-formed Task Force, request input
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Action Items:

Due Date

Objectional content in ticket responses

QMA-446 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Check with XOC for objectional content in ticket responses

Task Force Structure

QMA-447 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Task force will need to figure out what is reasonable to get done, and where do we put the disclaimers on other materials – we only have 24 months to guide us to the end game.

Susan Mehringer/ Task force

Get Suggestions for Reasonable Metrics QMA-448 - Getting issue details... STATUS invite Lizanne and Lorna to one of your meetings, and then can suggest some reasonable metrics –Susan Mehringer
Draft statement about task force activity QMA-449 - Getting issue details... STATUS Boswell will draft something (statement about task force activity), and share with Linda/John/Susan and Susan, this would be great – and John can say who should be the voice -Action item
Washington Post article QMA-450 - Getting issue details... STATUS Linda will share the Washington Post article with JohnLinda Akli
lists of terms QMA-451 - Getting issue details... STATUS please share lists of terms with the group Susan Mehringer/ Task force
XSEDE starting list QMA-452 - Getting issue details... STATUS complete list, review list, to have an XSEDE starting listSusan Mehringer/ Task force
Share list with NCAR QMA-453 - Getting issue details... STATUS after XSEDE starting list is complete, share with NCARSusan Mehringer/ Task force


Notes/ Discussion items: attached

  •  language guidelines Linda’s guidance: be consistent with the language in the code of conduct –

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