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Action Items:

Due Date

PgO summary slides

  • Additional text needed by SP&E re. evaluations Lorna Rivera
  • Be careful how you articulate net zero plan info. Don't want to come across that they gave so much $ that we can't spend. As we are developing business capabilities, using that to ensure we hit net zero budget by project end. 
  • Accomplishment slide should refer to RY4 instead of PY9
  • Don't forget feedback provided to Blueprint doc on recommendations slide
  • Minimize use of "L2/L3"

Finance slides

  • Projecting based off of current spend. Will be assessing/adjusting in PY10 to expand/enhance services, provide more participant support in order to reach net zero. 
    • Why do you expect increased spending? Given that project based on FTE expenditures, expect to see increases for that but there is enough unspent funds to cover this. 
    • Black lines are budget numbers (cumulative). Would expect in PY10 we would spend more than budget to hit the 5 year budget. That is not reflected here. 
    • Remove 2nd bullet & verbally say given better ability to manage finances & working with subs, currently projecting that we will be at $110M at end of project. Avoids under/overspend in various years. 
  • 93% of what we anticipated spending in RY4 has been spent. 
    • If supplement supported, has does that impact budget projections through end of PY10? If they don't approve supplement, how will PS costs be spent by end of PY10? Many PS opportunities we could use those funds for if PY11 is not awarded.
  • Any need to present data on amount of staff time used in COVID19 response? Ron collecting that info & will be summary/opening. That could be part of unspent funds discussion as well.
  • From Scott:

    I think your last slide showed spending for RY4. Shouldn’t that be PY9? Because if spending is through RY4, that should have ended April 30, which would mean there should be no projection. However, if spending is through PY9, which still has three months to go, then having a projection makes sense.


  • Comment from JP:

    Awareness is also useful because XSEDE changes and we ask for awareness about new initiatives and capabilities..

  • Need to figure out what John will present in opening vs. what Lizanne will present

  • Be prepared to respond about some negative comments if showing all positive comments from user survey
  • Nice to do follow up survey with campus champion fellows, but it is a small group.
    • Small, inexpensive study.
    • Only concern is that group size would be limiting, but this is more qualitative than quantitative. Unique program that has valuable lessons learned.


Notes/ Discussion items:


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