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Action Items:

Due Date

Change PY to RY in the slides

Please clarify "below target" on slide 3 indicating

Saying "below target" is confusing since it literally means below the target but comes off as the target was not met 


Notes/ Discussion items:


  • One comment: when you talk about the ECSS Symposium and highlight CARC coming in, maybe put a stronger emphasis on the reaching out we've been doing to other groups. 
  • Marques Bland  listen back to recording to get what to add in from JT 
  • At the beginning you said you were going to talk about how we were exceeding our project goals, but there wasn't a follow up.
    • Bob could either address it ahead of time or wait until a question
    • The reason we're doing so well is because of Science Gateways. Some of the projects require similar skillsets and a solution can be repurposed. 
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