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Action Items:

Due Date




Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Final slides due end of the day Thursday, June 4, 2020.
  • CEE Interconnections – may update based on other team’s slides.
  • Workforce Development: EMPOWER slide: Add - All of XSEDE is involved in EMPOWER; may also add on impact and growth slide.
    • Stipend is small – small investment – able to move people along so far. Be careful how to address do not want to minimize stipends.
    • Where do EMPOWER students end up? Need this data.
      • Longitudinal study
      • Lorna has a mini study
  • CEE: BP – Students: Computing for change: add about lightning talks.
  • CEE Recommendations: Message: we take them seriously and we address them.
    • Maybe remove the list?
    • Think about how best to present – maybe show what CEE focuses on and address as fully as CEE can.
  • One big story to pull out: Students are sprinkled across multiple programs, and if you look at training and participation, that’s the future workforce. Between data science and champions there is a big student story.
    • Without national platform, would students have the opportunities?


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