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  • Activity update and 2021 outlook

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcome
 15 minutes L2 Update
  • You can check out: XSEDE Quarterly Meeting - December 9-10, 2020
  • Also, the records of the September 2020 XSEDE All-Staff Meeting regarding the impact of Covid19 on us.
  • In response to the 2020 XSEDE staff climate survey, ECSS management is considering individual chats between area managers and team members during 2021. So I'd schedule a call with each of you, where we'd talk about anything that's on your mind.
  • Also, Marques Bland has offered to host office hours regarding Confluence/JIRA use.
  • With RAS and XCI, we are planning to implement automatic creation of a JIRA issue when ECSS is allocated or updated in XDCDB.
30 minutesActivity UpdateAll

Lisa: environment variables on Bridges changes if user logs in from Xterm. Will submit ticket.

Comments on the Jetstream/Openstack and AMD training sessions? Lisa and Paul liked the Jetstream session; see and the hands-on portion is here: .

Sudhakar: NVIDIA A100 materials:


5 minutesWrap-upSergiu SanieleviciThank you so much for all your heroic efforts! Happy holidays and hope to see you on 1/11/2021!

Action items