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  • NIP activity updates

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcome
 10 minutes L2 update
  •  December XRAC adaptive reviews
  • Jetstream training tomorrow; AMD training on 12/8
  • Quarterly meeting 12/9-10: any topics we should bring up or clarify with the XSEDE management team? Results of the Covid-19 survey? News on post-XSEDE2?
30 minutesActivity UpdatesAll

Lisa Lowe, how about the ECSS request by Kyle Lesinger for EES200016 (PI Tian Di)? GIS processing expertise required by another project. Will submit a ticket. Kevin: use ML/AI for bioconservation projects. Kelly: ML/AI for bird call identification. Alan: Paul: improving on the Tipei project to support collaborative sound generation. Paul: working with Champions Fellow on "Dynamic Firms" project.

10 minutesAOB; Wrap-upAllNext meeting: 12/14

Action items