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  • Activity review

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcomeHow's everybody doing? Covid etc.
 15 minutes L2 update
  •  Adaptive XRAC reviews
  • Renewed ECSS-Projects Staff Allocation TG-ASC160051, now enabling NIP staff to access a range of XSEDE allocated resources, until 12/27/2021. The purpose is to provide brief hands-on help to users we work with, by testing proposed solutions etc. Also, for our own skills development purposes. The allocations are startup sized, so no long runs please. Access to more systems will be added as they are made available by their SPs during 2021.
  • Jetstream training on December 1; AMD training on December 8.
  • in case any users you work with still have data there (12/1 deadline for migration)
  • Thanks for the reports! The quarterly report is in.
25 minutesActivity updateAll

Lisa Lowe has started discussing with Rajanie Prabha

Alan Craig - any progress with the Happiness research project? The researcher is doing field work in Bhutan, World Number 1 country in happiness. Alan will send us a link to an overview of Happiness Research. 

Kelly - continuing to help with Meyers lab epidemiology infrastructure. BTW, Sudhakar found this paper:

10 minutesSC20Any who attend(ed)Impressions so far? Learned anything interesting? recommendations for the technical program this week?  Davide: Keynote was good. Last week: talk about Fugaku, now the Number 1 in the Top500. Ookami at Stony Brook is its little cousin, people may be interested in exploring it: Tutorial: OpenMP on GPUs (rest of the github repo has the code and other info, besides this one which is the slides).
5 minutesWrap-upNext meeting: November 30.

Action items