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  • Outreach
    • PEARC20 submission in.
      • PEARC20 Panel (listening and input session) and BoF
    • HPEC is the next - March 22nd (
      • Eric will reach out about  training/career development workshop (from last year)
      • Cloud and container paper – look at extending to public cloud?
        • compare and contrast open solution with public cloud turnkey solutions (look at existing stacks)
    • SC20 Panel submission – Due April 20th
  • Toolkits
    • quiet this week – updates to doco coming soon (thanks to OmniPath issues at ORU) – potential support via Texas A&M
  • Site Visits/Engagements
    • UCincy - preparing for additional build-out of cluster
    • U Binghamton - Tim Cortesi - pursuing building a test OpenStack
    • Scott Lopez at Clarkson checking in on WareWulf
  • SP Forum - (VH on vacation)
  • PY10 Planning coming soon
  • Resa and Eric will co-lead next meeting on March 3rd.


  • Resa Reynolds
  • Lucille Jarzynka
  • Eric Coulter
  • Steven Bird
  • Rick McMullen
  • Craig Stewart
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