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Agenda items:

  • PEARC submissions
    • Tutorial has had some updates
    • Panel items - Rick?
    • Paper (poster paper redo) - Rich and Eric
    • BoF - Resa
    • All to revisit deadlines - Tutorials/Workshops Jan 22nd, Papers/Lightning Talks Feb 17th, Panels/BoFs May 1st
  • Other outreach opportunities
    • CASC Spring Meeting - program committee meeting - RM will check w/ CAS about getting on the program
    • Internet2 Tech Exchange (Fall) - deadline passed?
    • Computational Infrastructure classes w/ Rob Quick, may re-tool to do virtual slurm clusters in Jetstream
  • Site visits/engagements
  • Letters of Support
    • Jayshree Sarma at GMU (sent to Towns this morning)
  • Toolkits, containers
    • Test container in Cornell CAC repo
    • XSEDE "official" DockerHub?  Rich to follow up, then ask about singularity hub
    • Link DockerHub/SingularityHub with our github org?  Let's see?  Possible to do hooks for autobuild, link orgs, etc
    • More testing w/ MPI, multiple versions of Singularity, etc.
    • Github subrepos?  Some organization strategy to contain all of the containers may be useful
    • Cluster Building Tutorial toolkit improvements - some discussion with Adam Erck at Doane (moving on but will pass along info) - update
      • May want to cross-connect with HPC University or other XSEDE Workforce Development folks


  • Eric Coulter
  • Peter Vaillancourt
  • Steve Bird
  • Rob Quick
  • Lucille Jarzynka
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