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TG Prefix Remains QMA-410 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Decision to leave the TG prefix alone and not make any attempt to remove it from the allocations.

Action Items:

Due Date

Get SMT approval for revised Field of Science list" QMA-411 - Getting issue details... STATUS

After relevant stakeholders (SP Forum, XDMoD team, UAC, and XRAC) are engaged and offered a chance to comment, and after experiences are sought from EGI, PRACE and potentially other US entities, the final, proposed revised FOS hierarchy will be brought to SMT for approval, accompanied by a summary of stakeholder comments and responses.

Dave Hart



Notes/ Discussion items:

how to manage the amount and variety of content in the list/ ultimately not to exhaustively categorize everything possible but rather

Stakeholder review (XD Forum, XDMOD, UAC, XRAC)- how do we propose to manage the list; make sure that this will not break things that rely on the current list

need SMT approval to move forward and conversation with NSF PO

might be strange for existing PIs since it will be different... some sort of notification/ heads up to let them know

How hard should we push to get rid of the "TG" prefix... it would require some level of effort and take time away from other priorities

One option would be to phase it out by starting new ones without a prefix at all




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