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Action Items:

Due Date

Write paper for ECSS Project Management

Support from Bob, Phil, and Sergiu1/22/20
Knowledge Transfer enabled by ECSS

ECSS Lessons LearnedTitle Idea: ECSS Retrospective; Knowledge Transfer, Impact, and Lessons LearnedRobert Sinkovits Philip Blood 1/22/19

Send out broad e-mail to ECSS All re PEARC20 papers

ENcourage L3s to find ECSS staff that should try to get a paper submitted


Notes/ Discussion items:


  • There's not a lot of time to get papers submitted for PEARC20 (due 1/22/20)
  • Project management fit into facilitation track last year 
    • Perhaps a poster instead of a paper
  • Knowledge transfer enabled by ECSS
    • Perhaps a case study 
    • Fellows program
      • 1 or 2 examples from that program
    • Paper could be a combination of overview of what we do then highlights
    • Authorship: This encomplasses all of ECSS
      • All ECSS Managers and PMs as co-authors; extend co-authorship with previous L3s and L2s 
      • Consider getting retrospective info from Nancy re: the fellows program
  • ECSS Lessons Learned
    • Maybe merged into knowledge transfer paper, but also possibly a standalone paper
    • Title idea: ECSS Retrospective; Knowledge Transfer, Impact, and Lessons Learned
  • How long are presentations
    • 25 minutes including Q/A
  • Any other paper topics?
    • We should stimulate all of our ECSS experts to look back at collaborations w/ users and see if they can convince PIs/students to collaborate with them 



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