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  • 20191205- ECSS Management: PY9 progress review and planning
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Action Items:

Due Date

Schedule an ECSS-All Meeting (Early 2020)

QMA-404 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ECSS needs an ECSS all meeting to discuss

  • Jira/Confluence training presented by Lonnie
  • Training PIF update
  • Staff climate survey
    • Increased communication tools that are uniform across all L3 areas
      • Method of getting out information about decisions/what's happening on a regular basis (plan to be discussed at following ECSS Mgmt meeting)

check in with sites w/ leftover funds

QMA-405 - Getting issue details... STATUS


present Jira/Confluence training at next ECSS All meeting

QMA-406 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Standing ECSS Mgmt meeting items

QMA-407 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • what champion meeting are we going to attend/present this quarter"

Marques Bland
Raising awareness of ECSS QMA-408 - Getting issue details... STATUS Philip Blood
Discussion items at following ECSS MGMT meeting QMA-409 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Topics for discussion
    • Plan communication across L3 areas
    • Look at code taking up time at a lot of the sites


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Project management using Jira and Confluence
    • Lonnie to present at next ECSS All meeting
  • PY9 Priorities
    • Training Initiative 
      • Is there an action to check in with some of the sites to check in with those who had funds left over? 
      • We need to get staff to utilize this. 
      • We need a Google Form/document to share training opportunities with staff and to track it. 
      • Update on training PIF to be given at the ECSS All meeting
    • Best Practices
      • ECSS has been reaching out and working with other groups to share best practices.
      • Sergiu has been working with the Xpert Network
      • Has presented to CaRCC 
      • Jay presented on the Campus Champions call
        • they were asking some high level questions
        • Should probably come to PEARC20 
        • Any specific follow up requests?
          • No they're going to go over what Jay presented and follow up
    • XAB 
      • Practive project development
        • Look at some of the codes that are taking up time at a lot of the sites
          • What do we need to do to move this forward? Any plans or on our to-do list? 
            • On our to-do list
    • If we have time during the ECSS All meeting, we might want to speak to the staff climate survey in our ECSS All meeting
      • Be sure to remind staff about getting reviews from L3s for there performance evals at their institutions
    • Remember to follow up and have discussion about how we're communicating with our L3 groups (Decisions and what's happening)
      • We've done a good job of that, but we need to make it regular/routine 
      • Make a plan during an upcoming MGMT meeting (action item for next mgmt meeting) 




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