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Agreed to implement Code of Conduct updates 
Agreed on reporting form changes
Reviewed Reporting Form Location Lists

Action Items:

Due Date

Post updates to website and new posting to portal

Reviewed updates to code of conduct, additional update suggested during session.

Linda to contact Maytal

Is agreement on Code of Contact and Acceptable Use in all the right places?

  • Event registration (confirmed)
  • Allocations request and renewal
  • Periodically on XUP login


Form updatesSee notes below on updates to the formLinda to contact Maytal to implement
Disseminate Code of Contact and reporting formsTake Code of Conduct and Reporting Form to the SP Forum

John - SP Forum

All L2/L3 - Staff

Susan - Download slide updates

Susan - New staff doc


Notes/ Discussion items:

Text revision discussed in September, reviewed updated wording pertaining to 

  • "... regardless of race, age, ethnicity, ..." expanded to include gender and politics
  • "... governed by local laws and their organizations's code...."  discussed need for this change.
  • minor grammatical changes

Reviewed when you are asked to agree to code of conduct and acceptable use.  Per web page:

When XSEDE approves your request for resources, you must digitally sign the XSEDE Acceptable Use Policy the first time you log into the XSEDE User Portal at the beginning of each allocation. You must do this within 30 days of the approval of your allocation, or your account will be deactivated.?

  • Event registration (confirmed)
  • Allocations request and renewal
  • Periodically on XUP login

Reporting Form items and questions (anonymous reporting)

  • Reviewed Lizanne's concern regarding corroboration to make it actionable. 
  • Can't talk about outcomes.  Not sure if status updates can be given.  Remove these two items.


Briefly discussed where updates should be shared 


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