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Action Items:

Due Date
Victor discussed the XSEDE Federation list.  He suggested changing the column headings to: Resource, Representative and Institution/Center QMA-396 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Voting status of members needs to be clarified.  Should institutions with multiple resources have multiple votes?  Level 1 gets one vote; Levels 2 and 3 get institutional votes.  This will be put on the agenda for the next SP Forum.  SP Forum can propose, but SMT must approve

QMA-397 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 SP Forum and SMT

The list should be updated annually. QMA-398 - Getting issue details... STATUS
The Resource Description Repository was changed at the beginning of XSEDE2. JP will address that with Maytal QMA-399 - Getting issue details... STATUS
JP and Maytal

Status of expired awards was discussed. Are expired awards dropped out of the Federation. John said expired awards are no longer Federation members but continue to be SP Forum members.  The SP Forum should address this.

QMA-400 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SP Forum and Victor


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